Remember to always check for washing instructions on the garment


Machine washable however the less you wash any waterproof garment the longer it will last and the more waterproof it will stay.

Temperature : Max 40 °C. For best results wash in cold, gently cycle.

Detergent : Technical detergent intended for breathable fabric (available in sports shops). You can also use fluid detergent. You should never use powder detergent and a natural soap is best as it will not affect the garments waterproofing as much as a chemical detergent.

Fabric softener : No

Dryer : No

Coating : Coating intended for breathable fabrics.You will achieve the best results by using the coating while the garment is wet.

Coating frequency : Every 5-8 times the garment have been soaked or washed. We recommend that you use coating on your garment when the water no longer bounces of the garments surface.

Other : If using the garment in or around salt water always rinse the jacket after use with fresh water. This will keep the jacket waterproof and breathable and stop any salt crystallizing on the zippers.


Temperature : Max 30°C. For best results wash in cold, gentle cycle.

Detergent : We recommend down detergent (available in sports shops). Otherwise you can use a small amount of fluid detergent.

Fabric softener : No

Dryer :Down garments MUST be dried in the dryer after washing. Dry on low heat for up to 6-7 hours (depending on the size of the jacket). Dry the jacket together with tennis balls or shoes to fluff up the down inside the jacket. It’s very important that the jacket gets completely dry. Down jackets with a rigid outer layer have to be dried inside out to get the down fluffed up. If you don’t have a dryer you will have to dry clean the jacket.


Temperature :Warm: 30°C, Dry: 60°C, COOL and ONE: 40°C. Wash inside out.

Detergent :Only fluid detergent. Milo/Wool detergent should only be used when washing Warm.

Fabric softener : No

Dryer : No

Other :Take care when using these products around Velcro as they can pull easily.


Temperature : Products that don’t contain leather, suede or canvas are machine washable. For best results wash on a cold, gentle cycle with the insoles taken out and placed in the machine separate from the shoes.

Detergent :As our shoes use many different fabrics, please refer to washing instructions for individual products.

Fabric softener : No

Dryer : No

Coating :Treatment for leather shoes can be bought from Helly Hansen stores. We recommend re-treating shoes 12 months after purchase.

Other : To eradicate any odour from quick drying shoes, place both the shoe and insole in the sun for 3 hours.